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Link. offers fast, scalable, secure, digital portals for financial services businesses to interface with their clients and accelerate the client onboarding process. We deliver more clients, faster, more accurately and with higher client satisfaction than ever before. Interactions throughout the account opening phase are crucial in gaining new clients and keeping them. We allow you to focus on getting your clients onboard as quickly as possible and with the fewest drop-outs, all while having complete visibility over the process and remaining compliant with regulators.

Don’t let PDF’s, endless back and forth emails and clunky systems get in the way of your ability to onboard, track and manage your clients. Whether you’re in wealth management, securities brokerage, insurance, fiduciary services or any industry where gathering accurate client data is a key part of your business, we have the solution.  With simple monthly pricing, fast turn-key deployments, cloud or on-site with your IT team, we’re ready to go.

Want to make it your own?

We offer white label services so you can customise your deployment and get a digital solution in front of your clients fast. Your logo, branding, wording and everything in between for a truly turn-key solution that is yours for a fraction of the cost of building your own. Build on top of our success.

Faster onboarding. Faster Time to Revenue

Manage the Client Lifecycle, Client ←→ Back Office

Reduce risk and automate ongoing checks, profile updates

Track everything and always have a 360° view of your clients and risk

Backed by compliance professionals, we adapt to change so you don’t have to

To find out how we can quickly deliver results that drive impact, please see our Link|FS page to check out our core product. If you want to contact us directly, please head to our contact page.

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