What does Link. do?

Link. offers fast, scalable, highly secure, digital portals for financial services businesses to interface with their clients and accelerate the client onboarding and KYC/AML process. This allows you to deliver more clients, faster and with higher client satisfaction than ever before. The initial interactions with your clients are crucial in gaining and keeping them.

We allow you to focus on getting your clients onboard as quickly as possible and with the fewest drop-outs, all while having complete visibility over the process and remaining compliant with regulators.

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Link. white-label platform

Want to make it your own? We offer white label services so you can customize your deployment and get a digital solution in front of your clients fast. Your logo, your branding, wording and everything in between for a turnkey solution that is yours for a fraction of the cost of building your own. We integrate with all major AML data screening providers so you can run checks on individuals and companies on the fly and automate ongoing obligations. Build on top of our success. Contact us.

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