KYC/AML Client Onboarding platform
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What types of companies does LinkKYC work with? 


Most of our customers are from these industries: Financial Services, Corporate Services, Legal, Real Estate/Property, Accounting, Trusts, Compliance and HR functions. Any company that needs to ensure they know their client or is required to collect particular information and has to ensure the people or companies they are dealing with are of sound nature and aren’t involved in any money laundering, political exposure or dealing with internationally sanctioned countries or territories.


How do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew annually but we will remind you closer to the anniversary date so you can choose to cancel if needed. 

Can I make payment through PayPal or other means?

Our preferred method is via our payment portal on our site but if you require additional methods please Contact us and we’ll try to accommodate.

Can I purchase additional searches above what’s included in my plan?

Yes, please Contact us with your request and our team will arrange.


AML/Watchlists and Adverse Media Checks

Note. AML searches are only included with our LINK KYC/AML ESSENTIALS plan.

Which fields are included in our Individual Searches and checks?

First Name | Middle Name | Last Name | Gender | Date of Birth | Nationality | ID Number

Which fields are included in our Company/Entity Searches?

Entity Name | Entity Address | Company Registration Number | Incorporation Date | City | Country

Are the search fields mandatory?

No, you can choose which fields to use based on the data you have. If you enter more data (more fields) you may get a better, more targeted result. In saying that, this may also lead to false hits as it’s using wider search terms.

Can I manually Pass/Fail a search based on my research and the results returned?

Yes, you have the option to flag as Pass/Fail. We will provide the results we found and you can interpret them. 

Can I add my own notes on the search results?

Yes, there is a notes section for each search and you can enter text and references. 

How do I export a search?

Go to AML Search / Archive / Select ‘Details’ for the search / click ‘Download as PDF’.

How can I get access to Adverse Media Check?

Choose one of our Essential plans or higher to be able to check companies or individuals against any adverse media.

What languages does Adverse Media Check support?

Currently, we only support English language media.

Do you offer batch processing for larger lists of clients or companies?

Yes, please contact us with your request and we’ll be happy to assist you. Note, this will count as part of your Search count. Additional credits can be purchased.

Can I setup ongoing monitoring for my searches?

If you need to run searches again we have added a ‘Repeat’ function which lets you quickly run the search again but this isn’t automatic.


Forms and Approvals

Can I create my own forms?

Yes, there is a custom form builder built in and you have full control for the contents.

Do you provide some forms?

Yes, we provide forms to get you started. If you need something specific to your industry then please Contact us and we’ll arrange those forms and share with you.

Can I send an email to a client or company and request information from them?

Yes, after you invite them via email they will create an account on the platform and enter the information required based on the form you sent them. You will see the data come into the platform automatically.

I prefer to enter the data myself on behalf of my client, can I do this?

Yes, you can create a new submission but not send out an email. You will have control over what data will be entered.

Is there different levels of Approvers?

Yes, you can have a regular User who is typically responsible for gathering data and doing initial checks then you will have an Admin who would be the final approver. All of the updates and changes are logged on the system.

Can I run reports on the data collected?

Yes, we have an export to CSV function that will export all the data entered. Note, it won’t export any attachments. You can download these separately.

Can I attach files?

Yes, files such as ID documents, contracts, AML search results etc. can be attached and stored securely.



What is your privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy page for full details.

Where is the data hosted?

We host in multiple jurisdictions on Microsoft Azure servers that are privately managed by our development team. If you have specific jurisdictional requirements, please Contact us with your request.

Can I delete my data at any time?

Yes, you will have full control over your data. You can export and delete at any time. You can delete directly on the platform or Send a request to us to permanently delete all data from our platform relating to your company and any data entered on the databases.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.