Fund Administrators

Fund Administrators

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Fund administrators are faced with an ever increasing amount of paperwork and human capital requirements to onboard investors for their respective clients, while complying with KYC/AML regulations. Emails, faxes and various document delivery methods have been deployed over the years, resulting in an often fragmented and manual set of processes. This can result in a slow, complicated investor onboarding experience for all involved and can also introduce room for error.

Using our platform, you can digitise your investor onboarding, comply with AML/CFT regulations and add transparency to the entire process for all parties. Give your customers a modern digital experience, while streamlining your internal systems.

  • Faster investor onboarding, faster time to revenue for your clients
  • Complete visibility for all parties, end-to-end
  • Simplify internal approvals, mitigate risk and ensure compliance
  • Scale your business without increasing your headcount
  • Integrate with existing systems for a streamlined, automated workflow
  • Connect directly to leading AML/CFT/PEP screening providers
  • Monitor risk throughout the customer life cycle
  • Bonus: Manage Vendor & Third Party onboarding & monitoring

Find out how we do it and arrange a live demonstration today and check out our Link|FS White-Label page.

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