KYC platform for your ICO

The recent rise in ICOs has presented many complex challenges and Know Your Customer (KYC) has become one of those challenges that is often overlooked, but could be the most important component of your ICO. Building out this functionality and internal process is expensive and resource-intensive. Not taking it seriously introduces risk to your business at an early stage.

With our platform, we provide a SaaS based, branded, turn-key, client onboarding (KYC) platform that keeps you compliant with AML/CTF/PEPs/Sanctions requirements and adds transparency to the entire process. It gives your clients(investors) peace of mind, a fast onboarding experience and streamlines your backend processes. We’ll even assist with regulatory issues in conjunction with our KYC compliance experts.

Why Link.?

  • Remove the headache of multi jurisdictional KYC requirements
  • Give your ICO added credibility
  • Know Your Client and avoid Money Laundering risks via a risk based approach
  • Faster Client Onboarding. Faster revenue realisation
  • Reduce abandonment (drop-outs) giving you more clients
  • Simplify interactions with your clients and communicate via multiple channels
  • Gain visibility over what’s in your pipeline and get visible progress updates
  • Simplify internal approvals and ensure compliance with regulators (where required)
  • Integrate with existing systems for a streamlined, automated workflow

Find out how we do it and arrange a live demonstration today and check out our Link|FS White-Label page.

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