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Link|FS is a turnkey, client onboarding solution that remains flexible and can cover the KYC requirements of any business. Our platform can assist to simplify data collection, document verification, background checks and ongoing obligations, all while giving you complete visibility over the process and with secure storage of documents and logs for audit purposes. We provide a client focussed solution at monthly subscription rates that monitors your risk, keeps you compliant and provides an unrivalled user experience. We’re ready to go. 

Faster onboarding, faster time to revenue.

Your clients have gone digital. Get more clients via digital channels.

Adaptable processes and monitoring keeps you in line with any regulatory changes.

Remove manual, error-prone processes and automate repetitive, ongoing tasks.

Reporting and audits are now simple tasks that take just a few clicks.

Flexible, secure deployment options. Our servers or yours.

Want to make it your own?

We offer white label packages so you can customise your deployment and get a digital solution in front of your clients, fast. Direct link from your website or invite your send your clients invites via email. Your logo, branding, wording and everything in between for a truly turnkey solution that is yours for a fraction of the cost of building your own. Build on top of our success. Contact us for a demo now.


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