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Link | KYCaaS

(Know Your Client as a Service)

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Link|KYCaaS (KYC-as-a-Service) is an end to end solution for your KYC/AML compliance needs. Through our unique combination of our modern technology platform (Link|FS) and KYC/AML compliance professionals, we deliver results quickly, cost effectively and accurately. Our clients see almost immediate benefits.

As part of this offering, we also provide remediation services to ensure your existing KYC documentation is correct and up to date. We work closely with clients and review their existing records to highlight any potential gaps. We then perform remediation via automated document and information requests using our Link|FS platform. If you’re currently contacting your client base manually to get updated documentation and responses, we understand this is time consuming and laborious. With our team and our technology we can save you a lot of time and money and reduce risk in the process.

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Compliance Professionals + Technology


End-to-End solutions with complete visibility through the process


Reduce operational overhead and expand your team with us


Changes to regulations are automatically integrated and advised on


Expert KYC/AML team with the highest levels of professionalism


Additional compliance services when you need them

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