Personal Information Collection Statement

HK: Personal Data Privacy Ordinance


Personal Information Collection Statement


Collection of Personal Data


In connection with Link International Limited’s provision of compliance related software and services, Link International Limited may require individuals and organisations to supply Link International Limited with data about themselves and their organization.


Such data may include, but not be limited to, proof of identity, proof of address, other contact details, and proof of authority to enter into relevant transactions.


Purpose for Data Collection


The purposes for which personal data may be used include:


  • Meeting the relevant regulatory and legal requirements to conduct client and investor identification and verification, and to make any required disclosures under any applicable law, guideline, or code of practice, include those relating to anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorist-financing;


  • Other purposes specifically provided for in any particular service offered by Link International Limited;


Note: If an individual or organisation does not want Link International Limited to use their data for any of the purposes listed above, Link International Limited may not be able to provide the services requested.


  • Direct marketing of Link International Limited services and/or related products.


Note: If the individual or organisation advises Link International Limited in writing that they do not want Link International Limited to use their data for such purposes, Link International Limited will not so do. Contact details for such an “Opt Out” request are provided below.


Data Sharing


Personal data held by Link International Limited will be kept confidential and not provided to any third party, subject to the following limited exceptions:


  • Affiliates of Link International Limited;


  • Any regulatory or government agency- including the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, Joint Financial Intelligence Unit- where Link International Limited has reason to believe money laundering or serious crime or terrorism may be involved.


  • Where required as part of any legal proceedings



Data Access – Checking and Requests


In accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”) and related guidelines, an individual may:


  • check whether Link International Limited holds data about them and may request access to such data;


  • request Link International Limited to correct any data relating to them which are inaccurate;


  • request Link International Limited to specify its policies and practices in relation to personal data, and be informed of the kind of personal data held by Link International Limited;


  • request Link International Limited to cease using their personal data for its marketing purposes.



Contact regarding Personal Data


Any requests and enquiries regarding Personal Data policies and practices, and specific information held should be addressed in writing to:


Managing Director

Link International Limited


18A, Heng Shan Centre, 145 Queens Road East

Wan Chai


Hong Kong SAR