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Link|FS is a turnkey, white label, client onboarding solution that remains flexible and can cover the KYC requirements of any regulated or non-regulated business. Our platform can assist to automate data collection, document verification, background checks, ongoing obligations and internal approval processes. Including secure storage of all documents and logs for audit purposes. Find out how we do it here.

 Link|KYCaaS (KYC-as-a-Service) is managed service solution to cover your KYC/AML compliance requirements. Through our unique combination of a modern technology platform (Link|FS) and KYC/AML compliance professionals, we deliver results quickly, cost effectively and accurately. Our clients see almost immediate benefits.

Link | Developer allows an organisation to benefit from our proven technology and truly make it their own. Our team of professional developers has built a secure, scalable platform on which you can make your own. Get a head start on your internal project and leverage from our expertise.

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