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Trust and Corporate Service providers are increasingly facing more and more regulatory challenges and Know Your Customer (KYC) has become one of those challenges that is increasingly expensive, resource-intensive and liable to complicate relationships. Digitise your client onboarding (KYC) while complying with regulatory requirements and add transparency to the entire process. Give your customers a modern digital experience, while streamlining your backend processes.

Sales | Relationship Managers | Customer Service

  • Faster Client Onboarding. Faster time to revenue
  • Reduce abandonment (drop-outs) giving you more clients
  • Simplify interactions with clients and communicate via multiple channels
  • Gain visibility over what’s in your pipeline and get visible progress updates

Back Office | Compliance | Operations

  • Simplify internal approvals and ensure compliance with regulators
  • Scale your business without increasing your headcount
  • Integrate with existing systems for a streamlined, automated workflow
  • Connect directly to leading AML/CFT/PEP screening providers
  • Monitor risk throughout the customer life cycle
  • Bonus: Manage HR, Vendor & Third Party onboarding


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